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M-Engineering's Jon and Jason, as well as Mike from IDS Supercars setout to Houston Raceway Park in early December for some 1/4 mile drag racing in Mike's 765LT complete with a full IDS Raceline exhaust system including downpipes, R888 tires, MS109, and a custom calibration and motorsport package using M-Tuner.

This potent mixture allowed M-Engineering and IDS Supercars to break a new World Record for the 1/4 mile (a previous record held by another M-Engineering 765LT) running an 8.77 @156.5mph as the World's Quickest McLaren. A special nod also goes out to Motorwerks for their outstanding service and all around badassary.

We are beyond excited for Mike and Julie's new record as they have worked hard and very much deserve this spotlight. Breaking records is always bittersweet at this stage as M-Engineering has tuned all of the World Record holding McLarens for the past 3 years, so when a new record is set we ultimately break a record set by another client.

Please enjoy the photos! We look forward to what 2022 has to bring!

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Very cool! Congratulations. That hatchback in the next lane did 9+ sec! Fast company.

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AND... the hatchback was 14 MPH faster thru the 1/4 mile!!! WOW!! Don't bet your paycheck against crazy sleepers like that!

The McLaren was super impressive! M-Engineering and the owners took an incredible machine and set the bar higher! Now we all have something new to reach for.

Congrats on the new world record!

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