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Looking for new shoes for track duty. How's P Zero Trofeo R?

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Pirelli or Michelin

which one>
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I can't give you any details but what I understand is that the trofeo is a new design with a new compound and is highly superior to the corsa. It is a more track focused tire than the corsa. I wouldn't hesitate and order them up, then let us know what you think. I am glad to know these are available.
Some more info here.

Trofeo is super sticky, super fast. Wears like, crazy fast.

Trofeo is about 2-3s/lap (100s lap) quicker than MPSC, which is 3-5s quicker than MPSS. I have tried all three tires and have the data to back it up.

However, Trofeos wear INCREDIBLY fast, they look like slicks after barely 2 hard track days, whereas MPSC will go for at least twice as long.

MPSS last forever, but they are not a track tire.
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Also, it seems that the R compound isn't available in the states yet. Let us know what you find.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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