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Hello, I’m quite new here, it’s so awesome that there’s this forum. I’m from Singapore and I got my 2012 12C ride about a month ago. There are some stuff I wish I could change to refresh the car and make it feel more like mine, it still feels a bit distant at the moment... 😆

Does anyone know where I can buy the mounting plate for the rear spoiler (besides Mclaren dealer)? Don’t want to spend crazy money for this so it’ll be great if i can source the parts from a half cut or spare parts site? One of the screw holes attaching the plate to the spoiler on the right side is broken so the screw is not secure, in fact I can’t even remove that screw as it just goes round and round. I have not activated the spoiler just in case there’s further damage. Happy to purchase it from any part of the world and get it shipped. So please shout out if you come across this part as my online search has turned out zilch.

Any nice fix for the carpet behind the rear window? It’s peeling off, probably due to the bad design of that tiny ledge which can’t catch all the water running off the roof, so water damage on the carpet has caused it to disintegrate. Quite an eye sore!

The previous owner must have very itchy hands as the Start/Stop button paint has just peeled/faded/scratched off. Another eye sore

Has anyone tried to remove the windscreen wiper? There’s some rust on it so I want to get it repaired and repainted. Can anyone show me how to remove it? Video or pictures would be fantastic.

Thank you for your replies. And take care everyone
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