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Have a read and sign if you agree. The original premise of fractional reserve banking and lending was to provide liquidity to trade and industry. Money was created when it was needed. Nowadays it's merely created for the sake of creating debt, with little thought to how it will be repaid, or how the debtor will be held accountable.

Whilst I agree that debtors are primarily responsible for debt repayment, it is the responsibility of lenders to ensure that debtors can be held fully accountable. Holding taxpayers accountable is not acceptable, and holding taxpayers from other countries accountable is certainly unacceptable. If too much money has been created then it needs to be removed, rather than forcing everyone to repay it, regardless of whether they had any part in the original debt agreement or not. The aim is to remove all associated debts and liabilities (of debtor and lender) associated with excess debt once it becomes a national debt problem. obviously this would have to be agreed across several countries but it has to start somewhere.

If money can be created from nothing then it can also be destroyed to nothing.

The last few years has shown how personal debt has spiralled into sovereign debt crises, which now risk expanding into continental debt problems. Fiscal policy is being seized from democracies in Europe setting a dangerous precedent. Bond markets are threatening nations that had nothing to do with the original debt. We have reached a precipice where debt liabilities are trampling on democracy and sovereignty. "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws"-Mayer A. Rothschild The world's taxpayers should not be accountable for the insurance of bad loans that they had no liability for, or we will one day wake enslaved by debt created anywhere in the world. Please sign to agree that: At the point where a sovereign nation becomes incapable of debt repayment, all unpayable debt owed by that nation, and debts owed by the lending entities relating to that debt, throughout the entire path of the debt tree, must be absolved from all accounts.
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