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Lifting a Mac for tire changes

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Any restrictions for lifting a Mac for tire changes? I have to change my tires on my Mac soon, are there any do's or don'ts for lifting/jacking a Mac?
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I took my 600Lt out today and went to 2 tire shops. First stop was Discount Tire who stated that they have never done a Mclaren but thought that they could use the Tesla puck jacks to lift it using the markers on the bottom of the car; however, they did not have the socket to loosen the lug nuts. Second shop also stated they hadn't done one either but could use the jack with the puck lifts without problems. They also did not have a socket. (note: I bought a socket when I first bought my Mac).
Called my authorized dealer who basically related that lifting using a jack with pucks is not a problem. He recommended to put the car in the up positon just to give more room. He also stated to be careful of the rotors when removing the wheels. He also added that he has seen some Mac doors damaged when left open, which occurred when the inexperienced wheel person torqed the lug nuts and inadvertently hit the wrench handle on the open door. So just trying to figure out which location I feel confident enough to go with. I still have a bit of life left on the Trofeo R's before I switch to the Pilot Cup 2's that are sitting in my garage. Thanks all to your input.
just bring your socket and let them use it 🤷‍♂️.

note ; responsible tire shops will not take a risk and work on high value cars . The risk /reward isn’t worth it for them and especially if you are not buying tires from them .

The easiest way to get a tire shop to do it for you is to take the wheels off the car yourself at home (leave it on jackstands ). Take the wheels to the tire shop and let them mount and balance the tires on the wheels . (This is what I do )
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I have gotten a lot of interest in the wheel studs I make from this post thanks guys ! Here is some pictures of the two sets finished up going out. I do have a few more left if anyone is interested! View attachment 228248
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I'll take a set... Everyone was making fun of me rolling around on the ground trying to line up the holes from the rotors with the wheels (i need it for P1) 😅
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