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Leiters interview with Evo, Focus on Quality at McLaren, Positive Outlook Moving Forward

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Nothing new, at least for some of us, but at least reminds that he is moving the company in the right direction..

No mention of semi conductor shortages.. just honesty..
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I left Ferrari because aside from the dealers treating customers like crap, they make too many cars, exclusivity is gone, they came out with a station wagon and now a $500K crossover. Most of the buyers aren't car or driving enthusiasts anymore and couldn't execute trail braking or find an apex (or even have any idea what those terms mean). The cars are nothing more than another gold chain or LV bag to show off at dinner or brag to people that don't care about them.

McLaren designs, engineers and puts cars together for driving enthusiasts. They make sports cars for drivers. Their production numbers keep visibility to a minimum and I have never been treated less than a valued customer. The hybrid thing annoys me, but hopefully they can figure out a way to seek out more true enthusiasts and make it without whoring the brand with a station wagon or a truck.
Well put
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