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Hello All,

I'm looking to transfer lease of my like new, no stories, 2019 McLaren 720S Coupe.

MSRP $348,350

Performance spec, Azores Orange exterior, Orange & black (Scoria grey) alcantara + leather interior, 10 spoke super lightweight forged stealth wheels. Full spec sheet attached.

My lease contract:
5K miles a year
47 months term
$42K down
$1975 a month + taxes as applicable.
Lease start: End of June 2019
Residual value: $193,748 (56% of $345,980 - car was punched, hence the lower MSRP calculated by Ally)
Effective APR: 3.99%
Excess miles charged at $1 per mile.
I havent found out the buy out price, will do so in a week.

Current lease state:
Starting miles: 101
Current miles: ~1250
Miles remaining: ~18,433 (~420 miles a month)
Payments remaining: 44. Will pay for Sep-Oct also, that makes months remaining to be 43.

My usage:
This is effectively my only car (other than my wife's car). It is my daily driver (15-20 miles a day).

Lease transfer + $38K cash.

Please PM me for any further details.


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Looks like Ally only allows in-state transfers. The car is registered in WA state. I'm checking with Ally in case there are any exceptions to the rule.
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