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Laptimes Dunsfold "Topgear track" MP4-12C

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1336 kg without Pirelli Corsa tires 1min 14.118 seconds

1301 kg "Light weight package" With Corsa tires 1min 12.915

The Spider that comes next year is less than 0.5 seconds of pace of the coupe's.

MP4-12C GT : 1min 11.409 seconds

MP4-12C GTR (calculated predictions for the GTR) <1min 09 min seconds.

Where does this information comes from? From a McLaren dealer in London who got the info from Paragon (McLaren) :)

Happy days are here again!:)


The GTR could cost 250000 sterling pounds - That's a bargain!:)

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My first reaction to these rumoured TG lap times is "no chance!", however I have to remind myself that McLaren has approached the performance spec of this car with Formula One development and testing methodology. By this I mean that if they used the TG circuit as their official test track and were aiming to optimize a lap time specifically for that course, then perhaps we may be foolish to doubt this information.

For example, everything, from tire compound to ESC calibration, gear ratios, throttle mappings, suspension tuning and braking balance may have been developed specifically to achieve the lowest lap time - as if they were bringing a racecar to a grand-prix weekend. In that light, I could see an argument for lap times as rosy as these. Also, whereas TG typically has a single day or morning to set a time with a car, no matter the conditions, presumably McLaren has had many, many test days. Surely, at least one of those test days was in the most ideal conditions (high grip, high horsepower) and that can easily make a significant difference.

However, I'm not sure why the info would directly contradict what Chris Goodwin is letting on, as his "everything with a roof and doors" statement seemed pretty conclusive to me.

One thing is for sure - it's definitely not hard to spread a rumour like wildfire on the internet these days... you'll forever now have a hard time convincing a lot of people that the 12C doesn't do the TG track in 1 min 14.
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Another thing that puzzles me is the 3 decimal precision on the lap times. That seems a little fussy, even for McLaren!

No offense, TAG, but the whole thing smells a little. However, I will gladly eat those words. :)
Lets not forget that AndyC and myself and probably other posters on this site have actually (and fortunatly) sat in the 12C and gone round the TG track in approximately 1:24, mine from a rolling start and driven by McLaren racing/test drivers.

And lets put it mildly, it was f***ing quick.

To think that it could go 8 or even 10 seconds quicker, is very questionable, but given perfect tyres and brakes and set up specifically, then yes something near 1:16 may be achievable.

Lets put it another way and be in the real world, who on this forum could achieve anything close to 1:24, very few, if any, and most of us would struggle to get near 1:30.

That’s not a criticism of the 12C, but an illustration of the difference between driving ability and the ability of the cars we drive.
Right, so if the rumor turns out to be a load, what recourse do we have? Shall we boycott that dealer and boo TAG off the forum?? Who will pay for our torment?! ;)
6th Element

What of rumour?

I’ve personally experienced the 12C round the TG track, have you?

My comments are therefore considered and a genuine appraisal of real life.

The London dealers comment is not independently verified. Did they say this and if so, who did this time?

TAG has, rightly or wrongly, commented upon an unproven source.

As I have said before, the only comparison time that counts is when the Stig drives it, but what is the big deal and why so defensive?
Sorry, zippycar!! My sarcasm came across wrongly, I think!

In fact, I agree with you and I was poking fun at the "TAG" rumour as I also believe the source is highly questionable (not TAG, but the dealer). Sorry if that came across as a stab at you - it wasn't meant to be! :)

So far, I think the most credible information we have for the TG lap times is the experience of you folks that have been there with the car, in combination with Goodwin's statement about the Bug SS and Atom V8.
sms with the laptimes from normally a very reliable source! let's hope it's true and yes i have ordered a car from mclaren. there is really not more to it than that. now we just have to wait and see how fast the mclaren 12C is? someone on this forum said that mclaren have confirmed it's faster than a veyron ss that's not to shabby for 231000U$:) i don't mind if the car actually would do in 1min 14 brackets or so but it's really not the end of the world for mclaren if it didn't:) there is definitely a Spider and GT and a GTR on waiting to be realesed and that's where my cash goes. i wish i could afford the "P799" project or aka P12 but it's simply out of my reach it's almost going to be around 918 prices in reality and not prices Autocar mentioned. and they are going to be sold out pretty fast.. . answer enough? boooed enough?;-) ha ha ha:) this was not a practical joke or so, but we just have to wait and see.. .
Fair enough, TAG - if the lap times hold up, I don't mind saying I'll owe you a pint for my teasing. If not... well, I guess we can't shoot the messenger. :)

Either way, you are correct - faster than the Bug SS is simply stratospheric performance for the $$. Cheers.
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