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Hey guys!

I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tim Coats owner and operator of Adonis Detail, San Diego. I'm excited to be part of this community and would be happy to answer any car care related questions you may have.

Here is a write up from a recent job we finished up, I know its not a McLaren but we hope to work on one soon. Enjoy:

2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Convertible in for a paint correction and coating with CQuartz Finest. Car arrived with 800 miles on the odometer. This car is a great example of the level of finish possible on what many see as a "new" car coming from one of the largest Lamborghini dealers. The entire car was covered in a dulling haze and holograms were found throughout vehicle including under the mirrors and even indoor jams.

Main Issues:
Factory/Dealer installed buffer trails & holograms
Swirl marks and wash marring
Deeper rids on engine cover and hood
Lack of gloss and clarity

Entire hood was covered in Rotary holograms and haze

Holograms found on driver side intake vent. To be honest I'm not even quite sure how they managed to hologram some areas on this car. The spaces were so tight it would be almost impossible to fit a rotary.

Rotary haze covered entire vehicle

Engine cover

Door Jams

Wash process was carried out to remove dealer applied glaze.

Vehicle was decontaminated with Iron-X, clay bar and then was prepped for polishing work.

Haze removed

The hoods condition was clearly visible even under ambient fluorescent lighting.

Hood 50/50

Driver side door

Fender clarity coming out great. These areas had heavy concentrations of RIDS and swirls.

Passenger side door, clarity revealed.

I always pull the car out into the sun during the compounding step. Sometimes even under the best fluorescent, LED or halogen lighting defects escape you. Not in the sun, the light of truth.

Rear bumpers had heavy concentrations of rotary holograms. These defects were actually removed (Properly) with a rotary then finished down on a DA.

Final polishing completed, the true gloss and shine is now*apparent.*

Stunning reflection from the passenger side rear fender.*

Vehicle was then prepped for Finest with two wipedowns of Eraser. Then Finest was applied in two separate coatings.

Now for the pictures you have been waiting for. In the sun, there is no compromising.*

Thanks for viewing,

Tim Coats
Adonis Detail
San Diego

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Fantastic job Tim. Dealer's 'valeters' should not be let loose with a rotary. How many days work?

I like the 'light of truth' comment, if only we had some..
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