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Great event at the downtown Austin Four Seasons yesterday! Got the chance to converse w/ Peter Freiberger (McLaren North America sales manager) & Dallas McLaren representatives.

It was my first in-person viewing of the MP4-12C, and admittedly it was even better than I had imagined. Though, I'm now sooo all-over-the-place in terms of colours (ext/int), as in the past dark(er) silver exterior finishes and blue/purple or auburn/maroon interior trims tend to my most desired spec's. Lightweight wheels & some interior CF trim is a given. I'm hopeful to be able to acquire one in 1-2 years, for sure!

I believe my friend (also in-attendance) is ready to make a purchase (ie. initial deposit, spec' it & make subsequent deposit, etc). Wait time for North America deliveries if ordered-now is 12-18 months, early examples hittin' the shores November & on.

Here are some pics from my pfone...


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Great Event last night in Houston (apart from the heat!)- the same car visited us.
This was my second viewing as I visited the Manchester Dealer in UK last week. However, I finally got to see one moving when they drove it out of the evening venue to load it up into a trailer. I do not understand the complaints from the press about the MP-4's wimpy sound - it sounded pretty frackkin' good to me!
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