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Discussion Starter #1 take a close look at James Hunt's final race-winning car - his 1977 McLaren M26:

They produced a great piece regarding the history of the car and of course some amazing photos from the Dubai Autodrome:

Getting intimate with James Hunt’s 1977 McLaren M26 in Dubai

Earlier this month, James Hunt‘s final race-winning car – a 1977 McLaren M26 – was sold at auction in Abu Dhabi for $1.2 million. But before it winged its way to its lucky new owner, we were privileged enough to spend some quality time alone with it at the Dubai Autodrome.

Sadly, we weren’t allowed to drive it. Or even get in it. But thanks to our ace photographer Arun M Nair, we have prepared, for your delectation, some detailed shots of a genuine piece of motor racing history. And we hope you enjoy them.

Watching the car being removed from the trailer is quite an experience. Fresh from watching the excellent F1 movie Rush, we’re suffering from full-on Hunt fever and the anticipation for today has been high. Late, after being delayed at customs, the trailer arrives at the Dubai Autodrome and the cover is removed. And there it is, surprisingly tiny at just 876mm high and 4368mm long, and surprisingly orange compared to the red and white paint we’d come to expect from pictures. Compared to modern F1 cars, it looks like a deathtrap. There’s scant attention to safety save for the silver roll hoop, and the pedals sit between the front wheels. Have a front end accident in this, and your ankles will be mush.

Almost immediately, Autodrome staff seem to emerge from doors we didn’t know existed. There is considerable interest in this car from anyone with even the vaguest interest in racing. They, like me, crowd around, taking in the details that you only see up close. For example, the sponsor logos aren’t stickers, they’re painted on. The steering wheel isn’t quite central in the cockpit – it’s slightly... continue here

Enjoy! :)
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