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Funny story I wanted to share.
Was out for a drive locally in my area. There are usually alot of kids running charity drives on the streets for their team as well as volunteer fire dept. I see 2 teens in flurecent vests, so I pulled over to give them afew bucks. They come up and say, "OHHH MAN, is this the new bugatti?". I was like, "no". Then they hand me some pamplets. In fact, they gave me the whole batch of them. 1/2 inch thick. I said, no thanks, ill just take one. They said, "no, take the whole thing. I kept saying no, so they took it back. After I gave them the 3 bucks, and left, I see what they gave me. It was Verizon Fios door hangs. These kids were WORKING...well, sortof. They tried to dump their whole load on me. hahah. Im out 3 bucks.
Man, were they quick to take the cash!
I feel so stupid.
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