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MP4-12C MY2013 Orange Coupe
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Looking at the increase in price for the MP4-12C lately, I see that as an indication of a collectable and a classic car. When it came out it was a head of time in both design and function, Love the car and I am still learning and still seeking knowledge about my car. Not knowing is one of the reasons I bought my car. I want to learn and want to challenge my self in different ways than my other classic cars. But living in Norway has its challenges since there are no one else seeking the same type of knowledge as I do. No McLaren club, no McLaren dealer, no McLaren workshop and nearly impossible to contact anybody owning this brand of car. Luckily I found this forum and a few youtube videos that got me intouch with McMedics, so now I know a bit more, and I can do basic stuff my self. Quiet frankly the brand has an unfair reputation, comparing McLaren with Ferrari and Lamoborghini, I realised they are not that different in maintenance cost and reliability. So cheers to us whom dear to be different!

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Nice ride. There are several good workshops in Sweden that can do McLaren at fair price . Welcome to South of Sweden.
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