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Is the De Tomaso P72 a paradigm shift in car design and direction.

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I have been taken by this car from when I first saw it and it has started me thinking of what could lay ahead in the supercar market.

I have been critical in the past of the direction and marketing of manufacturers, associating their cars to racing and ultimate speed and performance in their design. In my eye, it has become an arms race that has become cliched and silly.

The compromised practicability for road use and in the end, the inability to match any race car for speed on a track, puts into question the very essence of their purpose. The Nurburgring has created a market segment that the sheer weight of numbers of brands building ultimate speed weapons, is creating a farce in part due to the money printing of Governments and the economics of making things to meet that high spend demand.

For me, I have had enough. I am suffering from a new phenomenon I'm calling "fastest overload".

I love the direction of the P72, that I'm told comes from the design of a forum member. I say bravo. I say bring back the analogue beauty of the sports car. I say don't let downforce dictate how the car should look. Let me change a manual gearbox and master the art of the heal and toe again. Give me a car that requires skill to master at speed and rewards mastering of its idiosyncrasies.
What you are looking for, is a 5th Gen Viper GTS.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts