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Is the De Tomaso P72 a paradigm shift in car design and direction.

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There have always been 2 breeds of sports cars, track performance orientated (Senna, GT3rs, GT2rs, Pista, Valkyrie etc) and design - driving culture and Luxury orientated (Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Chiron, BMW Z8, Mercedes SLS, Speedtail etc ) ... however manual gearboxes are mostly dead bc of inefficiency and problems with the transmisson with todays power levels ... the feeling of the super light sports cars of the 1950- 1970is is also gone bc of of crash structures, safety equipment and luxury options that are required by the buyers ... the cars these days weighted mostly around 800-1200kg while today 1350 - 2000kg are the norm ... so relatively speaking more analogue cars are nice, but with todays standards there is no way back to what once was ... I think the way to go if someone wants to have that feeling is buying one of the many historic options that are available and put effort into preserving it and make the car run again like it used to in its days ...

However also agree with you that perforce levels are reaching absurd levels with cars like the Valkyrie/Senna etc ... there are very few ppl who can drive these at 10/10 and not one person should do that on a public road
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