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Just like a late-model Aston Martin is generally touted as a "gentleman's racer", the MB-McLaren SLR is an esteemed boulevard-cruiser in'disguise overlord. It it is what it is... an everyday, livable GT'esque extreme supercar! Those seeking sensual exotic'ness will pine for a Carrera-GT. Those longing for robust nostalgia will acquire a Ford-GT. Those lusting lust will strive for a V12 Ferrari GT. Those longing to be civilly understated will seek an Aston Martin. And those w/ S-class tastes & SL-fancy will be bemused w/ an SLR.

Every marque (namely it's halo-car) has it's appeal & niche`, whether MB or Aston Martin or Ferrari. . .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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