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So went for some nice drives this weekend and finally was able to test out the Rev 12 update more thoroughly.

So, functunally not much has changed anywhere in the car. The drive train/suspension seems the same, so I don't perceive any tweaking there.


-Radio seems touch improved (not sure if it's good weather or changes, but reception seems a touch better).

-USB didn't disconnect at random like it did for 10.6 (it was fine under 10.2).

-Navigation is much improved with regard to accuracy. It is now usable. I actually used it instead of my phone all through the day. It's very bare bones, but very servicable. Both 10.2 and 10.6 were simply bad with regard to accuracy. Also, it didn't freeze up at random which it did in both 10.2 and 10.6.

Unfortunately, you still cannot access addresses from your contacts, which would be great. They really need to add this and sync in the addresses as well.

The UI still needs to be fixed with regard to POIs. You should be able to start typing and search all POIs, or go to some category and start searching for POIs. Right now, if you dont drill down all the way to the subcategory level, you cannot search. So for example, I wasn't able to find a shopping mall, after selecting "Shopping" and trying every sub category, no malls would come up. Crazy.​

-Phone seems improved. So with version 10.2 bluetooth phone was clear but with static crackles on my end (but fine). People and SIRI would hear me fine. 10.6 made the phone completely unusable, it sounded way worse in the car, and people said they simply couldnt understand me as my voice would turn into a cylon robot. 12 seems to be much better than 10.6 but more variable than 10.2. So this may have been caused by my being in some bad reception areas. So I still hear the static crackles in the car like in 10.2. When I had a good connection, people tell me it was very clear to the point of being as good if not better than with 10.2.

There is now a new feature with the Phone which is great. When your phone sync/connects, your recent calls *from your phone* are shown in the recent calls on the car. This is great, and somewhat helps with something that still needs to be fixed/added, which is the car needs a "favorites" tab for dialing out common numbers. Also, they still do not import photos from your contacts, yet they phone still shows a big generic icon of a contact face/photo. This should be added and the photo should shown when you're getting a new call--this way you can see at a glance who is calling you.

So it would seem version 12 is a version everyone should consider moving to. If you are on 10.6, demand the update immediately. If you are on 10.2, and you want to have more accurate Nav, it's worth the update.

Hope that helps. And I'm curious as to others' impressions... Updated the list of improvements to account for the above...
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