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I'm of two minds on this.

I'm all for diversification and spreading of the sport, and the more GP's there are, the happier I am. At the same time, I detest what Bernie is doing to F1 - wringing it for every dollar he can.

By the rumors circulating around the paddock, I think Korea is probably out for next year. But I agree with you, it's a shame to see classic tracks like Estoril, Imola and the French GP as a whole discarded for newer, boring Hermann Tilke designs.

On the subject of the race, Lewis qualified 2nd, but thanks to a 3 position penalty he'll be starting 5th. I'm predicting a RB 1-2 once again, unless Alonso/Jenson/Lewis can throw a wrench into the works.

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Personally speaking, I'd like to see more street circuits on the calender, perhaps incorporating them into prospective markets (ie. Korea/Seoul, India/Delhi-or-Mumbai, Russia/Moscow, Turkey/Istanbul, UAE/Dubai, etc) to whet the appetite of the locals prior to building a full-blown F1 GP venue, meanwhile refurbing/rehabbing the ol' memorable, tradition-rich, historical tracks (ie. Magny-Cours, Imola, Jerez, Silverstone, Fuji, Watkins Glen, etc).

It'd be neat to divide a "tri-season" (Spring|Summer|Fall) into regions, as follows...

1a- Korean GP
2a- Singapore GP
3a- Japanese GP
4a- Chinese GP
5a- Asia-Pacific GP (floating)

1b- Malaysian GP
2b- Australian GP
3b- UAE GP
4b- Russian GP
5b- Turkish GP

1c- Spanish GP
2c- Italian GP
3c- British GP
4c- Monaco GP
5c- European GP (floating)

1d- Portuguese GP
2d- Swiss GP
3d- Hungarian GP
4d- German GP
5d- Belgium GP

1e- Canadian GP
2e- United States GP
3e- Brasilian GP
4e- Mexican GP
5e- America's GP (floating)

(just thinkin' outloud, all might make too much sense - hence it'll never happen! :D)
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