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Indian GP

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Another new GP is upon us :cool:

McLaren are testing a new wing, for the 2012 season. It will be very interesting to see how much they can take the fight to RB.
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A GP in India just sounds wrong. Not a fan of Korea or Turkey either. F1 races should be held in places with a strong local fan base. not just where someone writes Bernie a big check.
I'm of two minds on this.

I'm all for diversification and spreading of the sport, and the more GP's there are, the happier I am. At the same time, I detest what Bernie is doing to F1 - wringing it for every dollar he can.

By the rumors circulating around the paddock, I think Korea is probably out for next year. But I agree with you, it's a shame to see classic tracks like Estoril, Imola and the French GP as a whole discarded for newer, boring Hermann Tilke designs.

On the subject of the race, Lewis qualified 2nd, but thanks to a 3 position penalty he'll be starting 5th. I'm predicting a RB 1-2 once again, unless Alonso/Jenson/Lewis can throw a wrench into the works.
I just think it is a shame that all these great European races are no more and instead Bernie is holding events in front of half empty stands in Korea, Turkey etc. I would also like to see F1 go back to South Africa & Argentina.

Regarding today, both Alonso and Button look set to have good races.
What a boring race. Over in the 1st corner.

Not to mention we had yet another Lewis/Massa incident. This time it was Massa's fault though, but I think it still ruined Lewis' race.

Congrats to Button on 2nd.
Personally speaking, I'd like to see more street circuits on the calender, perhaps incorporating them into prospective markets (ie. Korea/Seoul, India/Delhi-or-Mumbai, Russia/Moscow, Turkey/Istanbul, UAE/Dubai, etc) to whet the appetite of the locals prior to building a full-blown F1 GP venue, meanwhile refurbing/rehabbing the ol' memorable, tradition-rich, historical tracks (ie. Magny-Cours, Imola, Jerez, Silverstone, Fuji, Watkins Glen, etc).

It'd be neat to divide a "tri-season" (Spring|Summer|Fall) into regions, as follows...

1a- Korean GP
2a- Singapore GP
3a- Japanese GP
4a- Chinese GP
5a- Asia-Pacific GP (floating)

1b- Malaysian GP
2b- Australian GP
3b- UAE GP
4b- Russian GP
5b- Turkish GP

1c- Spanish GP
2c- Italian GP
3c- British GP
4c- Monaco GP
5c- European GP (floating)

1d- Portuguese GP
2d- Swiss GP
3d- Hungarian GP
4d- German GP
5d- Belgium GP

1e- Canadian GP
2e- United States GP
3e- Brasilian GP
4e- Mexican GP
5e- America's GP (floating)

(just thinkin' outloud, all might make too much sense - hence it'll never happen! :D)
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Could not agree more on the street circuits. Road races in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Rome would be very cool.
Could not agree more on the street circuits. Road races in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Rome would be very cool.
That would be mean another borefest, such like Singapore or Valencia. I say no to this.
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