Guys, selling my beautiful HRE R101LW Satin Black wheels with Toyo tires (only about 1k miles on them) and brand new in the box TPMSs.

Wheels were custom built by HRE.
Front wheels 19x9.5 wth 245 size tires
Rear wheels 20x12 + 30offset with 325 size tires.

These wheels are lighter then McLaren super light wheels and much nicer (to my pov).
These wheels are also coming with wheel cap adapters (painted orange, but can be repainted to any other color) that allow OEM McLaren CF caps.

While being a wider wheels, they were built to fully integrate larger tires on McLaren. With these wheels, I've had my car lowered and even being lowered and at hard cornering they did not rub the inner wheel well liner. Yet, they made the tires look flash with the body of the car making it look much more aggressive, see picture attached (FYI, car is in lifted position)