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Honest question:
On the below inspection report it says in the comments "Tub cracked" among other things. But right below it the form says "All items requiring correction or adjustments have been brought into specification as described in the McLaren Automotive Service Information System (SIS)."

I have never had a chance to look at the SIS but does McLaren really consider a cracked tub to be within specification or is this just this dealer? Kinda scary if McLaren thinks its OK - makes me wonder about buying McLaren certified cars.

From this thread: Buyer beware, salvage 720s spyder | Page 3 | McLaren Life,

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From what I gathered the hole is still there.
HoleS. Based on the photos that went with this PPI there was the large one that was disclosed, and smaller ones that weren't. The larger one could certainly have stemmed cracks and it's been driven for 6 months with who knows what getting up in the holes.
McLaren Charlotte is a joke of dealer. I would not advise anyone to buy any car from there without a proper third party inspection from either @ima2nr (McMedics) or @EMF Audio (McMedics)
2 bits of irony. The first being I was hired to do a PPI on that car and the seller refused, and acted like a child about it while simultaneously being smug saying he didn't even need the $200k from it. Not sure if I was supposed to be impressed or something. The second being Charlotte won't allow me to PPI a car either. They very explicitly said I can look at as much as I can see in the parking lot outside without any tools, period. They also told me they send cars out to other McLaren dealers for PPI's all the time. So they're saying they spend the money transporting cars to Atlanta and back for an "independent PPI" but won't allow a zero cost to them PPI to happen on their premises. Every car I've known to be purchased from them, without a PPI of course, has been problematic and/or modified without being disclosed.
This is not the first time that I've heard something negative about McLaren Charlotte.
Other dealers ask me about them since I'm near them. They're asking for reasons.
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