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Houston/texas mclaren event

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All you guys in and around Houston: on Saturday May 5th there will be a special McLaren focus at the monthly Cars and Coffee morning. This CnC event is the biggest in the US with over 1000 cars typically showing up. It runs from 07.30 - 10.00.
Even better, on Friday the 4th, Park Place from Dallas is hosting an evening happy hour in City Centre on the west side of Houston. They'll be bringing at least one MP4 too, and hopefully a set of deep pockets! We've got 15 - 20 reserved parking spots in front of the facility. Other special cars will be attending the happy hour too - selected Lambos and F-cars.
Now's your chance to put faces to the avatars! PM me if you're interested and I'll forward more details.
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Sooo... How was it? Pics?
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