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Hi Everyone! Newly joined the forum

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I have just signed up the superb board. Looking forward to find new good friends here. People who are very much willing to share their knowledge and expertise when it comes to technical aspects of SEO and other Internet related business opportunities. Thanks
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James, welcome and it's a treat to have good looking Blokes on the Forum! Nice pic.
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You know, I have also launched new forum for the discussions and would like to promote it nice to get more number of users on it. I cannot deal with modern the seo and Pay Per Click Advertising Management methods so just trying to find a professional to handover the work. I wonder if you can recommend a good one to me!
Next thing you will tell me is that I can make $10,000 a day without leaving my desk by simply signing up to your sites!!!

@mclarenadmin Does this new forum software not keep out these morons?
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