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Hey McLaren - Add a new feature on the steering wheel - 'shift mode'.

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This would be more useful than waiting 8 seconds between manual to auto modes or leaning over to try to press the button, or upgrade the transmission to go back to auto without waiting 8 seconds .... like the AMG GTR BS :)
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IMHO All key features related to powertrain / handling / TC etc.. modes should be on the steering wheel!

It takes a great car and makes it better!
They've solved the problem to everyone's satisfaction with the Elva/Artura design that @eMcL posted above. Steering wheels with control buttons is what put me off the competition when I was buying, the only time I notice the delay in switching back to Auto is when I'm driving my Phaeton and occasionally use the paddle shifters for downshifts. In the McLaren, the only time I drive in Auto mode is for about ten yards up the alley when I realize I've forgotten to push the Active button.
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When I first saw the "Citreon XM" switches, I also thought what kind of crap is this? But then I found out that they feel very high quality and work well. Aesthetically I still find them ugly, but they work very well. No nail-breaking, nothing. They work.
I don't like the way it looks either, but functionally it's a good solution.
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