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Help I only have until tuesday to choose my colour

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I have to decide my colour tuesday, Im still not sure, and starting to worry about it now, I first wanted mclaren orange, then I wanted the supernova silver the one I drove around dunsfold, now after popping into mclaren london i have fell in love with volcano red, which is now my facebook profile pic to see if others like it.

So i think its volcano red, but worried what it will look like in low light, it looks amazing under lights, which i guess will replicate sun light.

Also if i go for volcano red, which is similar to a colour on a ferrari 599, what colour calipers should I go for, the london car has silver option which is a mistake as they are lost, im wondering if standard black will look ok on a silver wheel as i think volcano red calipers wont look right.

Also has anyone a pic of volcano red on dark wheels.
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Have you played around with the configurator? It might give you an idea of how various combinations will look.

No matter what you choose, it will look great :cool:
Red is just a little bit too ferrari for me ;)
I'd go with any of the silver colors or volcano orange.
Steve ,

I also wanted orange first , now i am thinking , off a white one and orange brake callipers , and chocolade brown interiour .
Looks fresh .
Any color looks good on this car .
Having seen a number of MP4s now in different colors, it is the Volcano Orange that really stands out.
Having seen a number of MP4s now in different colors, it is the Volcano Orange that really stands out.
Please keep that quiet Boxer,we dont want to be overun with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Volcano Red looks like a Candy Apple Red in the dark or low light which is still a rich colour. The substrate reflection in strong light brings vibrancy and a brighter livelier red. It is a special colour.

Will stand the test of time as well.

On the other hand..............
alstair is coming over with the mac orange demo for my signature on final spec at lunchtime,

i think it will be

Volcano red, Sports ex, Silver Middle spec wheels, forgot the name black calipers standard, alcantar interior red stich and normal must have options and a car cover. :)

Just need my shares to come in now to be ready to pay for it, been holding around 3 percent of a plc stock for 3 years and it looks like news is initment according to there last rns which may lift the stock between 150 and 400 percent within days (might then attempt to buy a F1 too as I know a guy who has one)
has anyone got a pic of a volcano red on standard silver wheels please,
thanks for that, ive seen that car in the flesh and it is stunning, i just wondered if anyone has a pic of it with standard wheels in this colour, alstair is late in a mclaren, how did he manage that :D
WOW WOW and WOW!!!

Driving the demo car today with the sports exhaust was amazing today, so much better experience than the dunsfold car i drove with the standard exhaust.

The sound in the rev range was epic, and I mean epic, i have own before a F430, gallardo and 997 turbo and this car sounded way better than the 430 and the gallardo, way better, i loved it.

Alastair was a star as he always is, a few mates met up at my workplace which was part of my demo drive route and he showed them the car and answered questions, the day was great, and I think he may have won another 2 orders from 2 of my friends.

I just need to add that i live on a very bumpy road and a few more on route, the car was excellent over the bad condition roads, I had to sell my f430 and gallardo because my back could not handle the bumps, the 997 turbo was ok but not good, where the mclaren was the same as driving a silky smooth s class down the road.

Cannot wait for my car to arrive, I guess 3 months to go
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