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I’d like to formally introduce ourselves. We are a company that was born out a passion for cars. I was raised around them and naturally moved into the automotive world via ownership like many of you.
the one thing I did notice was that I wanted to upgrade my cars or “tastefully upgrade them” as I found that the factory options were limited and or non existent.

I know that many of you also feel this way hence why the aftermarket world exists. however, unlike many of the companies that simply sell parts or upgrades, we actually own these cars and work on them as well as 3D scan and fabricate parts with our close partners. I have personally owned 5 McLarens and have wonderful working partnerships with many dealers in the US and UK.

That being said, we have vast resources into how things should be done so you the customer end up with the very best version of your pride and joy!

Thank you for considering us in advance and look forward to building long lasting relationships with many of you in the McLaren community.

David Johnston
Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Car
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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