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Hello all. New to the forum. I think I just came to terms on a 2013 coupe in McLaren orange. Hopefully by Wednesday she'll be clear wrapped and delivered.

I am a member of a car club in NYC that just purchased one so my love wasn't just at first sight as I spent some time with the club's coupe(also in McLaren Orange)

IMHO the Mac does most things better, with much less drama, than a 458. But I 'm sure the comparisons will continue to be hotly debated.

I am bristling with anticipation. And in a first for me, my wife is very enthusiastic about this car. To her there is no comparison between the Mac and the Fezza.

Wish me luck!

Welcome and congrats W of D on the new acquisition and I must agree with what you have stated concerning the Ferrari vs Mac, I'm sure you'll be very happy with your new putt-putt. Cheers....??
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