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How do all! Newbie here thinking of swapping out of R8's after five years, looking for some info ;-)

Itchy feet syndrome has struck and methinks it's time for some new wheels. Have loved my two R8's but am seriously lusting after an MP4-12... To this end, I wonder if you guys could a couple of questions?

Servicing costs, availability and frequency. Whilst I accept services are required, I do object to paying £500 for an oil change... Are the charges/schedule sensible and what's the access like to the service centres?

Insurance. I also own a X-Bow and it gripes me Adrian Flux are the only folk I can insure it through :mad: I trust the MP4 is not like this?

Problems. I've heard their are a few glitches with the car, teething troubles so to speak. Have these all now been sorted?

Sorry for all the questions... I guess the biggest thing that concerns me is ease of ownership. It will be my daily drive and as such needs to be looked after easily, this is, IMHO, one of the main benefits with the R8's

Ohh one last question. What sort of MPG could I expect? :D


Andy M
Andy, Suggest you take a look at:

definitely can be used as a daily driver. Not had a single issue with mine. 12C is in a different league than the R8.
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