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Guess it's time to stop lurking

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Hi all. So I 've been just reading and I figure it's time to actually post. Picked up my MP4 a few months ago. It's a fantastic car. Honestly, I don't see why there is such a "this better than that" mentality behind the Mac vs the Italia. Here's a few pics

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Nice lurker!!,cannot see it your steering wheel is on the correct side,but im assuming from your list that at least your european?? welcome aboard (it is better than the 458 really:D),but maybe not on a sunny day!!

OK,just seen the rest of your pictures,what part of europe?
cant keep up with your posts,got mixed up in the middle:)
Welcome. :) Rather see pics of your 250GT and 550 Maranello, to be honest!
San Francisco actually. And it's not better than the 458. It's just different. I'll say this though, it grows on you. Coming from Ferrariland at first I wasn't a huge fan. I hated the doors (still don't like the electronic thing), didn't like the enormous door sill, didn't like the fact the electronics didn't work yet (really? jeez), hated the shifter, didn't like the smaller wheel, suspension makes you sea sick, the engine was too jerky snappy when the turbos kicked in. Spent some time on a track with it and a 458 challenge car and now I'm truly starting to appreciate it. In fact, just yesterday I was in the spyder and I couldn't find the gear lever because, duh, it was on the column not the wheel and I thought "hmmm, really belongs on the wheel". And I missed the small steering wheel and the touch screen. As I drive it more, I'm beginning to think of it as a truly great car. I'm even loving the sitting position now. I still believe it's more of a competitor (and superior) to a 911 TurboS. It's a track car that you can also drive to work. I don't know if this makes sense but I don't think it's a better "car" than the 458 but I think it's a better racer. I firmly believe that 99.9% of your random drivers will be faster on a track in the Italia but that teeny percent that is professional will be a good deal faster in the Mac. It's definately more visceral. In any event, they are both wonderful cars and they get along just fine :)
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Very impressed,nearly all european cars,thats why i didnt think the states,still with 6e on your old ferraris ,great taste
You tease! LOL, did you literally just go into the garage to snap those?
What blue is that? Too dark for Sera or TDF?
Nah, just happen to have those shots open when you posted so I obliged!
It's TDF. The other one is uh. . . Red.
Nah, just happen to have those shots open when you posted so I obliged!
It's TDF. The other one is uh. . . Red.
Cheers, thanks. Hold on to that 550 too. Last proper V12, methinks.
Dude, how do you live in SF with those cars - I'm terrified of driving on the city with the 12C.

Assuming you bought your car from Alessandro, will you be joining us next month at THill?
Probably. Gotta see what the schedule looks like.
I'm surprised you didn't like the shifters and suspension (at least initially). Is this still the case??? You're the first person I've heard to say the suspension was "sea sick inducing"

I also believe that the 458 and MP4-12C are not better cars than each other, but rather a bit different. The 458 being more of a weekend fun playmate whereas the MP4-12C can be used and played with all day every day. From what I've heard, they're both fun to drive, but perhaps the Ferrari is a bit more of the traditional supercar feel (on an ultra refined level) that most are used to. Slight bits of oversteer bias, responsive naturally aspirated high revving motor, etc. The MP4-12C may feel more natural to those who have driven modified cars in the past who derive pleasure from the sensation of speed itself, a not so quick steering, and just tons and tons of grip.

They're both great cars and equally good, but the McLaren should be (and likely is) the faster car.
To some that matters, others, not so much

PS, take me for a spin in SF? :) j/k
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I also find that the McLaren is different from my F430. Each has its own attributes. McLaren quicker, very responsive and smooth application of power. F430 a little rougher (in a good way) and louder engine but still very responsive and fun to drive.


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Thank you. I put a lot of thought and creativity into the ordering process. Both are factory ordered. No post-delivery modifications.
Good Lord!! What a amazing list of cars!!

Nice color combination - Both of You!
That is so funny. I just saw pictures of that car from a friend of yours a few days ago. Didn't see the Mac though. Quite creative.
Saw that red/black F430 the day I picked up my 12C. Should've made the connection when I saw your 12C. Congrats!
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