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Gremlins again

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After a difficult start, with multiple small electronic issues with the key fob sensors, the battery status indicator, etc, everything seemed to be back under control since my car had got a software upgrade a few months ago.

Unfortunately, I had a complete electronic failure today, and the car (which had been upgraded to 9.0 last week) will have to come back by truck, and me by train. I was driving at a relatively moderate speed (120-130 kph) on a countryside road when I got a stressful "transmission failure - call McL center" message, followed by another message mentioning an ESC problem. The gearbox came back to Auto mode, and it was as if the clutch was refusing to stick. Switching off the engine and leaving the car idle and locked for a while did not eliminate the problem.

I don't know what it is, but I can't help thinking that I would have hated to face the same problem at a higher speed, or while I was driving more aggressively.
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Had the same issue a few weeks ago, with the same errors in succession. VERY lucky for me, it happened as I was pulling into the dealership. In my case, it was one of the vacuum check valves had failed - which falls under the category of supremely aggravating but very simple fix.

As always, McLarenSF did a superb job of fixing the problem and returning the car ASAP.

Good luck to you Owl.
The service center called today to say the car is ready for me to pick it up. It looks like the problem came from a sensor on the gaa paddle. Interestingly, another 12c came back to the dealership with the same issue this week. I hope it's not gonna be an epidemics.
Separately, I was impressed to see that, less than 2 hours after the dealership called, I got a call from McLaren assistance saying that they were aware that the car was repaired, and offering to book and pay a taxi to go and collect it.
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