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Hate to nitpick, but there are some messy "facts" there that make it less than "Great". :(

His opening sentence should read "McLaren Cars Limited" not "McLaren Automotive". McLaren Automotive was recently formed as a new effort to build McLaren road cars again and did not exist when the F1s were produced. Gordon Murray founded McLaren Cars Limited in 1989 to build the F1.

The BMW engine is a 6.1 liter V12, not a 6 liter.

The Koenigsegg CCR eclipsed the F1s top speed record first at 243 mph. Its hold on the title was short lived when it was quickly trounced by the Veyron going 10 mph faster.

There were not 107 F1s produced. The 107th car some people count was actually a spare chassis used later to repair another damaged F1. The reason his broken down numbers add up to 107 is because he has counted the F1 GT prototype two times.

Also the cars were produced from 1992 onwards, not 1994. If, however, he intended to only count production cars and not prototypes, the first one was completed December 23rd, 1993.

I always like to see people celebrate the history of the F1 and its achievements in print but it is rare to see anyone get the details right. :eek:

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