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Graphite 12c for sale
Hello all- I have a 2012 ($274 sticker) 12c that I may be selling. Car has CF interior, stealth package, stealth finish lightweight wheels, sport exhaust, black leather/alcantara interior, a few MSO options (CF airbrake and branded door sills),factory hard wired V1, and clear Xpel film. Please call 410-913-0300 if interested. You can also email me at [email protected] but I'm not as responsive to email as I am to a phone call. Thanks.

P.S. I say I 'may' be selling because I'm not 100% sure as of yet. I LOVE the car, and feel fortunate that, except for a trunk sensor occasionally showing open when its definitely closed,I've had none of the persnickety issues that seem to have plagued some other owners' cars. Issue is I'm 6'5", and long in the torso, so I'm a little cramped in it. I have a call in to dealership to see if perhaps I can switch out my electric seat for a manual, in the hopes that it would give me the extra 2-3 inches of headroom that I need. If that works, I'll be keeping it, if not I'll either be selling or trading towards a 458 (with the racing seats only). Oh how I wish MBZ made a sports car

Car has @1400 miles, and was delivered with software updates

2012 mp4
2006 Sl65
2010 s550 4matic
2007 e350 4matic and s600
2009 gl320 bluetech
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