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Goodbye Friends

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Well I have sold the car or rather had to give it away.
Car was great - guys on here great especially the Brits.
McLaren brand needs a lot of building imop and residuals are terrifying,

I wish you all well and hope Woking get it together Quickly, feel more
comfortable with the way Ferrari manage the market as it does provide security for its customers despite there Italian ways

Enjoy your cars and stay healthy !!!!

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Here's the problem, as I see it. The general economy in the US and Europe is in terrible shape. Mclaren can't control that. But this is nothing new and what does Mclaren do? They bring out a car that is probably over-priced by at least $25k USD and all the parts don't even work right e.g. the audio system. Then what do they do? They introduce their latest "giant killer" that will be even less affordable and sell in far fewer numbers than the MP 4. What they desperately need is a great car in the $150,000 to 175,000 price range and a marketing department that knows how to market the product...and they need this before they're under water even more than they are now. Initially when the MP 4 came out, my local dealer had the attitude that he would do me a favor by selling me a demo for full retail. His tune has now changed. He's sitting on numerous unsold units, both new and pre-owned that he can't give away. I have been contacted numerous times as of late by the same dealer wanting to "make a deal happen". I think the world of the MP4 , but I sure would not want to be in Mclaren's shoes.
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