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Goodbye Friends

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Well I have sold the car or rather had to give it away.
Car was great - guys on here great especially the Brits.
McLaren brand needs a lot of building imop and residuals are terrifying,

I wish you all well and hope Woking get it together Quickly, feel more
comfortable with the way Ferrari manage the market as it does provide security for its customers despite there Italian ways

Enjoy your cars and stay healthy !!!!

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All the best to you, Bruce. Is the market really that crappy in Great Britain? Is Ron attempting to get handle on this crappy situation ??? :(
Anyone willing to venture a guess as to what the true state of the U.S. market is currently. I've read here that there are lots of unsold cars at dealerships. I haven't yet received my unit; So ..... I'm wondering if I should ask for a discount in light of the poor market/residual situation ? Or .... Cut your losses, now. :confused:
Good luck Bruce..
Completely agree that the marketing from Mclaren is poor!!

I was told when buying mine that they have just employed an new marketing team.
I mentioned to David how poor the marketing was- and that was from a buying prospective! :eek:
I couldn't even find a list of the standard spec the cars came with- although I could find an options list..
What is befuddling is the fact that McLaren is a relatively small company (that is not part of some gigantic manufacturing enterprise the likes of VW/Audi/Lamborghini or Fiat/Ferrari/Maserati) .... so they should be able to stay on top of things better and turn the ship faster than the behemoths ever could ...... but, they seem unable to.:confused:
Does McLaren only build 'to order', or do they also require their dealerships to purchase a certain number of automobiles to sell to a customer who walked into the showroom, and liked what he saw?
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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