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Looks like GM is taking a real leadership position with regard to electronics:

The system is more than just an AT&T mobile hotspot bolted into the glove compartment, though. In fact, Chevrolet has linked it up to each car's CAN (Controller Area Network) which gives access to core engine, performance, infotainment, and other functionality and data, just as the current OnStar service can feed car information to GM's remote helpdesk

Unfortunately for GM owners, It looks like they're going the same route as Porsche, by making the apps HTML5 instead of native:

The Appshop will launch with titles like iHeart Radio, The Weather CHannel, NPR, Slacker, TuneIn, Kaliki, EventSeeker, CitySeeker, and more, as well as some apps of Chevrolet's own making. That will include the Vehicle Health Monitor, Chevrolet's attempt to demystify the "Check Engine" lamp that can rattle drivers when it lights up on the dashboard.

For security of the platform, safety of use while in motion, and overall stability, the car company will be taking a similar approach to Apple when it comes to distribution, with all apps needing to be validated and certified before they arrive in the curated store. Still, despite those controls, Chevrolet says it still hopes to have a broad range of developers get involved, with the firm opting for HTML5 and JavaScript to lower the barriers to entry.
Still interesting stuff...

The new IRIS software already allows for native android apps to be installed, the question is, will Mclarren itself or via parrot systems, allow for an app store?
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