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Glass engine cover problems

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The plastics in the rear of the engine bay are getting scuffed on the edges but there is no obvious interference from other items.

Anybody seeing the same problem?

Wonder how this is happening!

Could it be
1. Malicious Fezza owners
2. I need to go to Specsavers
3. High speed airflow taking it's toll on the plastics

It is a mystery.
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Only issue I've had with the engine cover is that one of the latches doesn't always work. I keep a can of WD40 in the boot to fix this, only happens when its really hot. however, I did run a track course once with only one latch engaged and was absolutlely amazed at how much deflection the glass gets at speed - it warped up about six inches, so perhaps the scuffing is from the glass panel moving around at speed?
No problem here RIC,anything loose???
6200 miles, no probs there.
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