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GG/Orange delivered by McLaren SF

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Special ordered with my paint scheme including historic orange. Alessandro very helpful and insightful. I strongly recommend him. I expressed interest and then on wait list 2+ years. MSO paint combination, carbon fibre rear deck vent and engine cover vents. Carbon fibre including interior upgrade, sill panels, wheel arches, mirror casings, engine covers, engine bay panels. Carbon ceramic brakes. Sport exhaust. Stealth pack. Custom zoned interior. Contrast stiching.

I have only been able to drive it a few miles so far. Very impressive ride, response, and handling. Gets a lot of attention needless to say. I have not driven it back to back with my
F430, but I can already discern a positive difference from the F430 driving the Mac. My wife already prefers riding in it over the Ferrari.


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Congratulations Old Tractor.

We need some pics to see the special combinations both exterior and interior.

Enjoy the car, glad your wife likes it as my wife likes the ride quality up to 180 mph:D
More photos


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Yet another outstanding combination of colour choice- unique and individual - brilliant imagination and courage to make that combination. I really do like it. Well done.
Spectacular car!! Congratulations and well done on the spec!
Excellent spec! Love what you've done. The orange diffuser is VERY cool.
You're going to have to join us on the next graphite grey outing!
Very cool. I especially love the interior. Its nice to see that so many cars are in different spec. Not everything is Red/Tan ;)
Definitely didn't see this when I visited a month ago! Cool color choice. The ride is simply stunning for a supercar, so I'm not surprised by your wife's preference.
Stunning color combo, well done on the interior. Congrats and welcome to MLife.
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