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The press release, translated to English, using Google Translate:
McLaren and McLaren Dusseldorf Hamburg open their doors to customers and sports car enthusiasts.

McLaren Automotive shows original racing history in four German cities.
Advanced technologies and fast tele-diagnostic systems provide best in class customer service for McLaren.

WOKING / Dusseldorf / Hamburg (July 20, 2011) - Just in time for the Grand Prix of Germany which took place this weekend at the Nurburgring open today in Dusseldorf and Hamburg, the first McLaren showroom in Germany. Just one month after the opening of the world's first dealer branch "One Hyde Park" in London may persuade customers in this country for the first time from close range from the impressive performance of the McLaren MP4-12C. The specially built by McLaren Düsseldorf flagship store in the Pacific Way of the Rhine metropolis and the McLaren branch at Hamburg airport, the first of four showrooms in Germany, which open in the coming months. Each location will have an exhibition space and a private after-sales sector. Dusseldorf and Hamburg, expect a lively interest in the coming weeks, the rich, meanwhile, orders already well into the year 2012.

McLaren is the name for motor sports fans and sports car enthusiasts around the world a byword for technological perfection and sensational success on the racetrack. So home to each of the 35 showrooms around the world some of the unique history of McLaren - an original racing car, which has at least seen in a race to the checkered flag as winner. In Düsseldorf, for example, is the MP4 / 5, with the McLaren in 1989, the first season after the abolition of the turbo engines, both in the drivers' championship as well in the team standings victoriously triumphed. The chassis, which adorns the flagship store in Dusseldorf, was driven by the French racing legend Alain Prost, who celebrated with this bolide four Grand Prix victories.

In Hamburg, the showroom visitors can look forward to the MP4 / 6, one of the most famous racing driver of all time, Ayrton Senna in the 1991 season earning his third and last world title - and McLaren the constructors' fourth consecutive title. The MP4 / 6 at the time drove a total of eight Grand Prix victories, ten pole positions and 139 points.

"This is something really special for our customers will experience a true piece of motorsport history. The extraordinary fascination is to see an original racing car, have driven the so famous drivers like Senna and Prost. Many customers can not believe that this tangible Formula 1 history stands before them, "says Kai Rodovsky McLaren Hamburg.

Since 1981, the names of all McLaren begin with the prefix "MP4", which stands for the combination of McLaren and "Project 4", the former racing team of Ron Dennis. The MP4-12C is thus a further milestone in the nearly 50-year success story of McLaren, which will continue now in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

The historic McLaren cars do not only refer to the origin of the 12C, but also to a customer at Formula 1 level. McLaren Automotive and the four German distributor will ensure that the buying experience and customer care is innovative as well as the McLaren sports car itself Unlike other manufacturers, the dealers at McLaren as always have every single spare part of the MP4-12C: a concept which is similar to the pit stop in Formula 1, and guarantees a fast and efficient service, without long waiting times.

Even in the development of the 12C, the engineers have taken great care to ensure easy repairs and customer-friendly service. "To offer a truly unique service, but we go a lot further," says Jens Nothelle, fire manager McLaren Düsseldorf. "Advanced Tele-diagnosis systems to provide information on possible problems directly available to our service department, we also hold at any time, all service-relevant vehicle parts. Once the customer is with us, so we can start work immediately. This work will be performed exclusively by highly trained specialists: All after-sales technicians have gone through an extensive training program and were involved in the production process of the 12C. "

Should it be necessary, McLaren Automotive "Flying Doctors" send on the trip. These are specialists from around the McLaren Technology Centre to fly to anywhere in the world to get repairs on the MP4-12C to accept, if not on site can be resolved. McLaren gained positive experience with this concept, already owners of the legendary McLaren F1 super sports car.
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