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Garage condo pictures

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A few members had asked that I post some pictures of my garage condo, so here you go. My condo is part of Iron Gate Motor Condos which is in Naperville, Illinois (a western suburb of Chicago). It is a relatively new project and is modeled after the AutoMotoPlex in Minnesota. The project will ultimately include 13 buildings when completed and each typical building includes 14 individual condo units of varying sizes (7 per side, with a demising/structural wall between). You buy a “shell” unit with unfinished space and then build it out to whatever level you want.

I purchased three smaller units and combined them into one larger space. The main garage floor is 64’ x 40’ which could fit 12 cars (6 wide x 2 deep) pretty comfortably without stacking. The mezzanine level includes a lounge, kitchen, full bathroom, and storage room. I also have a 3rd floor that has more finished space. I completed the buildout back in February and we are very pleased with how it turned out and the kind of use we are getting out of it. The space is much larger than what is required for my own needs (currently), so I have been renting space to some friends who need to store their cars which covers some expenses and helps justify the indulgence to the wife. ;)


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That's amazing! I'd never leave.

makes me feel a little better about the garage that I am building.. ! :p
And don't think you get away with not posting pictures either :D

Good question.

Obviously storing and doing some basic maintenance on the cars is the primary function. Beyond that, I can do a lot of remote work there. We have hosted a couple of political fundraisers, a charity event (with over 100 people), birthday parties, anniversary party, held work meetings, entertained clients, etc. My son and daughter-in-law watch movies there (it has a much better surround sound than their little condo). Another son practices with his band there. We have couples over for informal dinners. And yes, I do hang out with just guys occasionally and drink beer. It is a very unique space that is well suited for all kinds of entertaining. For larger functions, we will move out a couple of cars and have a catering service bring in highboy tables, bar, and buffet tables. There are monthly “Chrome and Coffee” events that bring out a lot of people and that has increased as more units are getting completed. It really has been a lot of fun for a car geek, but the rest of the family has really enjoyed it too.
You win. That's it... You win. Car room downstairs and music room upstairs, yeah, what more do you need? I'm also going to save out the music room pics for the next time I'm told that I have too many guitars!

Ha. Will be in Switzerland of course. Won't be ready for 2.5 years but might be able to show at least the outline of what's happening in a year or so.
That's got to be a heck of a house!

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Never too many guitars! How many?
I only have three but my level of skill doesn't really justify any of them... The amp for the Strat being "hidden" under the dining room table doesn't give me much wiggle room to justify getting more either!

That being said, you've alluded to your connections to the music biz so I'm going to ask, what's lurking in your collection?

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