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I know I have a ton of PM's I haven't responded to about this, but I finally took them off just this weekend. For sale is probably the best and most functional aero setup for a 570s similar but superior to the factory HDF kit that's like 14k. I had it on my track pack. This AP wing is the larger and better 67 version. Note AP no longer sells this wing per my emails with them last week.

Here is info from the product release: New Agency Power Carbon Fiber Wing Released for the McLaren 570s – Agency Power

The first and main component is the wing blade. Agency Power has teamed up with APR Performance to utilize their race proven GTC-300 carbon air foil. This carbon spoiler is the perfect size and style to flow with the McLaren 570S body. The wing measures 61 inches in length to flow well on the rear fenders. We also offer this in a 67 inch blade which sits 3 inches longer on each side. The full carbon fiber wing is extremely light weight and the carbon fiber weave is a match to the factory McLaren carbon. The new uprights are were engineered by Agency Power to offer adjustability in the wings rake to change the down force if desire. The laser cut aluminum uprights feature a clean beveled edge and are then powder coated in a matte black. The holes on the uprights allow for up to 15 total adjustments where each hole is 3 degrees. In addition, the wing uprights can be extended upwards to change the height of the wing 1.75 inches from its lowest position.

The guide vanes and all hardware are all factory and everything you need for install. I bought them all from the dealer. No I'm not providing you part numbers. Do your own research. It was difficult to find them and the factory instructions for HDF kit install. I will provide pics or help and instructions for install. It's quite easy on a lift. I actually installed them on a driveway just turning the wheels. I'd prefer pick up as it's large but will ship I guess at your expense. Located in 92009. Thanks!

I will need to swap your factory decklid bracket for the one with the kit as I don't have the stock one unless I can find a used cheap one on ebay or something. Install is extremely easy. Instructions are here: Agency Power Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler McLaren 570s | Install Guide – Agency Power

Link to MSO HDF kit for comparo. High Downforce Kit

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