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I am selling my 765LT Coupe in Chicane Grey Effect W/Black Leaher and Alcantara interior. I wanted to give first offering to a McLaren Life member as I know how great this community is.

The options list is added below, also added the Suplight Racing Seats(Senna Seats) after the car arrived by my McLaren dealer. Carbon fiber door handles and the rear aerobridges We’re also added. The McLaren Orange accent striping was done after delivery and can be easily removed if the next owner chooses to do so. However, it really does look amazing in person and really sets the car off.

The entire car has XPel Ultimate Paint Protection Film applied, XPel Caramic tint on the side windows and Stek tint on the rear to match everything up(Which is removable and will not harm the Lexan). SlipLo scrape guard was installed on the front to prevent any scrapes which there are none.

You will notice the carbon hood installed which can be sold with the car at additional cost, otherwise it will be removed prior to sale and the original hood put back on which also has XPel Ultimate + Paint protection film on it.

The Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R tires will have only 50 miles on them as we swapped them for Michelin Sport 4S for daily driving, so they are essentially new.

No stories, no issues, just a fantastic example of one of arguably the best super cars out there.

There's an additional $38k in upgrades over the MSRP.
Asking price $550k

Please feel free to PM, call or text 904-629-0887 with any questions or if you are interested in purchasing the vehicle.

EBay Listing: 2021 McLaren 765LT | eBay


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Gorgeous car, great spec! GLWS! If I win the lotto I'll buy it...

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Most PPF installers should be able to do them.
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