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Front end ground clearance

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Does anyone else have problems driving on UK B roads with regards to ground clearance?
The car drives so well on these roads but progress seems to be limited by the front scraping the ground.... Has anyone damaged theirs from this or is it just the black blocks in front of the wheels that are causing the problem?
I find I cannot fully enjoy a B road blast as I'm always concerned about damaging the front - A roads are fine but what appear to be flat smooth B roads appear to cause problems
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Thats what I experience - it is a bit unsettling to the drive but when you check there is no damage. I can't help think that the force on the deflector must go somewhere and could damage the front wing if hit hard enough? I'm not sure what they are mounted to or if they are designed to scrape the floor? Do you think the front wing would hit the ground if the rubbers were removed?
This is what broke off
Had exaclty the same happen to me last night - lost the left rear deflector as the car bottomed out at 3 figures - did notice a slight stability issue at high speed - red line fourth then into fith ;). Will get it sorted next time its at the dealer as its nearly 400 mile round trip,,,
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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