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Found a good strake replacement

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I successfully made some new underside strakes that won't break, from a very durable plastic that is heat formable. I can make to order if you need a set. Price TBD, don't know if any need from owners. I also hear 650 strakes are similar problem, any others (if interest, send me hole pattern template)?
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650 and mp4 share same guide veins. most break over speed bumps and other obstacles so is considered a disposable item.
do you have a ballpark price?
Playing catch up here... are the front and rear set identical? My car doesn't have them... Are the mounting holes also identical?

If that is the case, one would need two sets. I am interested, if we can organise payment from this side (PayPal?). Shipping to LA, CA address.
front and rears are different. rear harder to copy as they are shaped to fit diffuser.
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