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Found a good strake replacement

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I successfully made some new underside strakes that won't break, from a very durable plastic that is heat formable. I can make to order if you need a set. Price TBD, don't know if any need from owners. I also hear 650 strakes are similar problem, any others (if interest, send me hole pattern template)?
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Thanks for that, I shall get my head under there and see if the mounting points are present. I was thinking they mounted under the frunk rather than directly onto the tub where I'm not willing to drill holes.
There is more to it than "I'm just going to put these here".
No doubt they have, but anything that removes air more rapidly from underneath is going to reduce air pressure in that area, and the alternative is to adjust in a lot of negative camber, which also has undesirable side effects. The 720 I drove on track had a completely different handling bias to mine, but I don't know whether it's because of those strakes, or because McLaren tweak out the understeer on their track cars.
It's because the 720 is nowhere near anything the same car as a 570.
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