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First test in Autocar

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Out tomorrow and to my biggest surprise, the title says it looses against the 458 Italia (maybe once again they are going to complain about the lack of soul... to perfect). Can't wait to read the article.
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arghhh i hoped for a decent first comparison..
Well I think mclaren made the decision to make this a close fight and maybe too close.. All they needed to do is add 20-30hp and torque (zero cost for this engine), make steering and engine response a bit faster (again zero cost), and put an lsd (heavier but with sports seats u can negate most of it) and it would have blown the 458 out of the sky. But they needed to leave space for upcoming s models.
I guess it is how you dial in the comfort vs sportiness compromise. I think with the active suspension perhaps it would have been possible to sacrifice 10% of "everydayness and accessibilty to everyones driving skill" to get 30% more in perceived "driver involvement". But strictly speaking the car would have been more fun but not better really (only faster)..
The journalists have a point. They do blow it out of proportion of course to sell more magazines.
Maybe the AMS test with a NBR faster time of 20+ seconds will set things right.
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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