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First test in Autocar

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Out tomorrow and to my biggest surprise, the title says it looses against the 458 Italia (maybe once again they are going to complain about the lack of soul... to perfect). Can't wait to read the article.
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Disappointing indeed... it's unfortunately not the first comparo in Autocar to be disappointing.The full tests are usually much better, I hope the MP4-12C will go through it and be lapped.
Also out today, Auto Express with another comparo against the Italia (round 2 ;) ). Cannot read it from this PC, I cannot install the latest reader for Zinio, will look at it tonight.
Could finally read Auto Express review... same trend than Autocar - great car but not as engaging and involving than the 458. So, even if it's faster, they prefer the 458. Can't understand the British magazines when it comes to judgements about cars like those...
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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