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First Drive Review 13.02.11

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The Sunday Times has a two page review. No great looker. Sounds great. Goes like stink [email protected] 24.2mpg/279g/km.McLaren has built one of the best supercars in the World to-day.
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I can't read it, tried their online article but not willing to pay 21pounds to read it. Wouldn't agree the car is no looker. I think the design is awesome and the MonoCell design is a first ever for road cars.
I agree. The car is no stinker. It isn't my absolute favorite design (still not in love with the front air dam/splitter area), but the technology it packs is really quite stellar. TheDutchGuy posted the OFFICIAL options guide with some incredible detailed description and photos of every option McLaren is offering. This gave me even more favorable impression for the car.
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