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2012 MP4-12C
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Nothing to do with performance.
Just quality of life upgrades.

1. Phone mount, dock/charger

This one took me the longest and cost me the most.
I bought a 3D scanner, printer, and multiple parts to try.
Now I am happy with the result. Looks super clean, stable, and functional.
Retrospect, I should have bought the commercially available phone mount and it would have been cheaper.
Rennscot McLaren Phone Mount
But, I am happy with the result. All iris buttons are accessible with the phone in place.

3D printed mount + amazon dock + MagSafe
View attachment 220056
View attachment 220057
View attachment 220058 View attachment 220059
View attachment 220060 View attachment 220061

2. Radar detector mount

Also, 3D printed part.
No moving part. It gets the detector almost touching the window.
Minimal bulk to minimize visibility obstruction. Doesn't interfere with the visor.
Already went through a couple of revisions.
Still quite happy with it.

View attachment 220064
View attachment 220062

3. Rearview mirror

As you already know from my last post.
Finally able to get rid of the garage door clicker and community gate clicker.
Decent size mirror so visibility is quite good.

View attachment 220063

I know these cars are focused on driving, but a little bit of creature comfort still can't hurt.
One may argue I am adding weight to the car, spoiling the performance. I'll just skip lunch to make it up for it.
I think I am done with this kind of project for a while.

amazing job congrats! You should sell it or share your 3d model so others could benefit from your hard work. Kudos!
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