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2019 570s
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Nothing to do with performance.
Just quality of life upgrades.

1. Phone mount, dock/charger

This one took me the longest and cost me the most.
I bought a 3D scanner, printer, and multiple parts to try.
Now I am happy with the result. Looks super clean, stable, and functional.
Retrospect, I should have bought the commercially available phone mount and it would have been cheaper.
Rennscot McLaren Phone Mount
But, I am happy with the result. All iris buttons are accessible with the phone in place.

3D printed mount + amazon dock + MagSafe
Product Rectangle Personal computer Screenshot Graphics software

Computer keyboard Peripheral Light Black Input device

Vehicle Gear shift Car Steering part Motor vehicle
Car Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Steering part

Gear shift Automotive design Motor vehicle Car Personal luxury car
Gear shift Car Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle

2. Radar detector mount

Also, 3D printed part.
No moving part. It gets the detector almost touching the window.
Minimal bulk to minimize visibility obstruction. Doesn't interfere with the visor.
Already went through a couple of revisions.
Still quite happy with it.

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Flooring Gadget

Car Hood Automotive lighting Light Automotive design

3. Rearview mirror

As you already know from my last post.
Finally able to get rid of the garage door clicker and community gate clicker.
Decent size mirror so visibility is quite good.

Car Vehicle Gear shift Automotive lighting Automotive mirror

I know these cars are focused on driving, but a little bit of creature comfort still can't hurt.
One may argue I am adding weight to the car, spoiling the performance. I'll just skip lunch to make it up for it.
I think I am done with this kind of project for a while.


2019 570s
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looks good, any more photos of the iphone mount from side and back?

Planning on selling any? I was looking at the RS one you linked, but just cant justify the price for what it is
Making this from scratch was pretty costly.
$800 for used scanner, $800 for printing system/supplies, buying OEM parts to scan, and trying out different mounts...etc..
Not to mention time to learn how to use fusion 360, meshlab, 3d printing...etc..
Definitely cheaper with that DS mount.

Now that being said, I can send you a printed part if you want. Whole "selling" thing is a hassle by itself. DM me as needed.

amazing job congrats! You should sell it or share your 3d model so others could benefit from your hard work. Kudos!
It's a STL file for "lump of plastic".
But more than happy to share the file.
I don't think I can share the reversed engineered OEM part as I do not own the rights to that design. But, I think I should be OK with the part I made.
I need to figure out how to share it as this platform doesn't allow me to upload anything other than pics, I think.

2019 570s
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Here are the STL files for the mount base.
Mclaren 570s phone mount and mounting jig by jilmdmd
I recommend a resin printer with the most durable resin possible.

Adhesive tape.
(But, any VHB tape works just fine)

MagSafe, well I am pretty sure you can figure it out.
But, the cable is too short, so you will need an extension cable.
Something like this.
Don't forget a charger as well.
Like this.

As for the adhesive option, 3M VHB tape would be the best option. Try to use the thinnest you can find like 3m VHB 5906 or 5908. But, any VHB tape seems to work well.

The application guide is as follows.

1. Take the backplate off

It will require T20 torq bit
There are 4 screws.
Pretty simple.

2. apply the jig

Material property Bumper Automotive exterior Musical instrument accessory Thumb
White Light Automotive tire Finger Gesture

White Automotive tire Light Hood Gesture
Finger Bumper Communication Device Thumb Wood

applying very thin adhesive tape to secure the jig helps alot.
Adapte well.

3. Adapt the mount to jig (with adhesive)

Hand Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Finger
Gesture Communication Device Finger Mobile phone Eyewear

Hand Hood Gesture Nail Finger
Bicycle part Tool Finger Bumper Wood

3M VHB 5906 tape. 6 thou thickness. With this thickness you have to adapt two surface very precisely.
Hense the jig.
Thin adhesive so it doen't jiggle when it gets warm.

Hand Gesture Wood Finger Bumper
Car Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle

4. Use the phone mount of your choice

I used this one with apple MagSafe

5. Reassemble

Important part.
When you assemble the backplate, make sure you push the backplate upwards while you screw this down.
There are two rectangular extruding bits on the bottom internal wall.
That has to engage the main body of the iris, otherwise, this mount will be pretty flimsy and floppy.

6. Removal

Twist to remove.
If you pry it off, you will ruin the soft-touch surface paint.
Twist it off. Sheering it off will save the surface pain of the backplate.

I think this is pretty much comprehensive instruction.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.


2019 570s
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Very Cool. I'd happily pay you to print me one since I don't have the equipment to do it myself. I bet if you made it more economical you could recoup your research costs :)
I appreciate your generosity, thank you.
DM me with your address. I will send you with parts I can make.
This applies to anyone. I'll do my best to send it out to anyone and everyone.
I do not care for the cost. You all drive McLaren, you are all well off. Let's not BS ourselves. A couple of hundreds of dollars isn't what we are here for.
let's all have fun with these cars and let's help each other to do so as well!
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