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Indeed. Make it known that I am no massive fan of Ferrari, having owned more than a few. Yes they certainly make some of the best cars but the company's (and dealers') attitude comes with tremendous baggage.

The quality and attitude of their dealers' service departments is one of my greatest annoyances. They love to blame the driver, not the car. I find this gravely condescending.

The arrogance of the sales staff can be gulling over time as well. They are used to a queue of buyers lined up and clamoring for a car and aren't familiar with building a mutual relationship. It is a one way street that is sugar coated by way of access to their candy store. Not to say other manufacturers' sales people aren't annoying but Ferrari sales, by association with the halo cars, often let it go to their heads.

In summation with my rant, Ferrari is no longer the only game in town for those of us who have put up with their superiority complex. Ferrari is Ferrari and McLaren doesn't automatically supplant that. But another excellent brand with decades of F1 dominance is here to play.

I am happy to see that. Let's see if the tifosi can snuff McLaren like they do Lamborghini. At least on Sundays during part of the year we can see them go, literally, head to head.

This ought to be good!
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