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Best all-around supercar in the world? Obviously, he's never driven a McLaren.
A few snippets from the Autocar review:

In corners it is, of course, a very different matter. It should be said that the F12 is not a particularly easy car to drive very fast on road or track, and not just because the scenery is so accelerated by that engine.

This is a car that understeers a little and then oversteers a lot and, at first acquaintance, it’s quite disconcerting. Your disquiet comes not from the power but the steering. Ferrari has not only shortened the car’s wheelbase, it has also substantially increased the speed of the rack which, in my view, is a mistake.

Ride quality on rough roads is adequate thanks to a specific ‘bumpy road’ setting for its suspension available regardless of manettino position

If only a supercar manufacturer could come up with a new type of suspension that offered superb handling, balanced with maximum compliance on bumpy roads - they would be onto a winner!!
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